Sunday 1st February 2015

Knavesmire Stand York Racecourse

Doors Open: 10am to 5pm

  • Over 50 traders on 3 floors
  • Games and exhibits
  • Tabletop sale. Rent a table (£1 for 30 minutes) and sell your old gear. Not a bring and buy, no commission to pay, no tickets and you can do your own deals. More details here
  • Close to York's Historic attractions
  • Cash Machine on site
  • Cafe, Refreshments and a bar
  • Competitions running at Vapnartak 2015
    • Warmachine "Masters"
    • Malifaux
    • X-Wing
    • Competition Players list
  • Just some of the traders that are at Vapnartak 2015
    • Ainsty Castings
    • David Lanchester Books
    • Dice Shop Online
    • Grubby Tanks / Britannia Miniatures
    • Irregular Miniatures
    • Milicast
    • Magister Militum
    • Mutinner Miniatures
    • Pendraken Miniatures
    • S & A Scenics
    • The Assault Group
  • Some of the display and participation games that will be at Vapnartak 2015
    • Judge Dredd 1895: In Her Majesty's Name
    • Vanguard Mecha Assault
    • Stalagbite
    • Battle of Britain
    • The Plight of Matthison IV
  • One of the best and friendliest one day wargame shows in the UK
  • For 2015 we will have, yet again, a great mix of traders, demonstrations and games.

Traders confirmed for 2015 To view the traders confirmed for 2015 please click the link here

Table Top sale for 2015 To see more details on the table top sale please click here

Check out the York Wargames Society forums to find out what's going on and to get involved.

To keep up to date on the latest developments at the show, which traders have been confirmed and what games are running, check out our Facebook page. Here you'll also be able to see picures from previous shows that will give you a feel for the event, if you haven't been before that is!

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