Our Club


We are a friendly York-based club providing facilities for enthusiasts of tabletop Role-playing and Wargaming. With around 80 active members, ours is a vibrant community with plenty of opportunity for games familiar or unfamiliar. Sessions are run almost every week of the year. New members are welcome!

The Role-playing games side has 30-40 players in weekly sessions of c. 3 hours, split amongst 5 or 6 games. We operate a three monthly game rotation system that lets new players join really easily.

On the Wargaming side we offer pretty much any kind of wargame, in any period or scale. Our huge collection of scenery, stored at the club, makes possible anything from a small skirmish to the grand battles that could never be fought on your dining room table. For more detail on the kind of games we play go to our gamers and players page.

The Venue

Guppy’s Enterprise Club is a fantastic venue in the heart of York. With plentiful car parking outside and the train station only 5 minutes walk away, it's simple to get to.

Neal Guppy (a York icon) always gives a warm welcome to new and old members alike and we as a club count ourselves very lucky to have Neal’s support and the use of the club.

Set as it is in a converted Victorian pub, the club has a bar and a number of rooms, varying from a classroom feel, through a cosy living room to a large ‘dance hall’ and can accommodate all of the activities of the club with ease. We are able to put on a roleplaying game for just a few people or a huge wargame for 30 or so (with a little notice).

When do we meet?

The club meets as follows:

Every Monday (7pm to 11.00pm)

Wargaming in two downstairs rooms and one huge upstairs room. Enough for around twelve 6-by-4 foot tables, with all scenery provided by the club.
Note: We don’t meet on bank holidays.

Every Wednesday (8pm to 11pm)

Roleplaying Games, one room with one group of 4-6 players.

Every Thursday (8pm to 11pm)

Roleplaying Games in four or five rooms, around 6-8 players in each.

First Saturday of each month (10.30am to 4.30pm)

Wargames or Role Playing Games. Typically this day is used for big or one-off games.

I like the sound of it but…

If you want to try Wargaming or Role Playing Games but are either new to the hobby, or maybe a lapsed player wanting to get back into it, then you’ll find a warm welcome at our club.

You don’t need to bring anything with you, many members will be happy to lend you an army or some dice so you can get straight into the action.

If all you want to do is wander around and listen in to what goes on then that’s fine too, but be prepared to be chatted to.

What does it cost?

There is an Annual membership fee payable for YWGS itself, and an Annual membership for Guppy's as our host. Each time you visit Guppy's there is an entrance fee. YWGS doesn't charge for play sessions.

Annual membership of York Wargames Society is £5.

Annual membership of Guppy's is £4.

Entry to Guppy’s is £3.30 on a Monday and £2.60 on Wednesday or Thursday for members - if you are not a member of Guppy's entry fees are higher.

New members to the Wargames Society can attend for their first two club nights absolutely free. This lets you find out if you like the club without any cost.