York Wargames Society

Guppys Club
York Wargames Society is a Wargame and Roleplaying game club that meets twice a week in the city of York.
The club provides a place to get together and play some games.

Whether you are interested in:-
  • Refighting the campaigns of Julius Ceaser
  • Getting through the mines of Moria
  • Invading France in June '44
  • Controlling magical steam powered robots
  • Yomping across East Falkland
  • Slaying troublesome dragons
  • Defeating alien mutant xeno scum

We have somebody who is interested in the same!

assault transport
We play many varied rules sets from FOG to Flames of War, Fire and Fury to Warhammer 40K, Runequest to Conan RPG and many many others.

If roleplaying or wargaming is your thing, or you like fantasy or history or SF or playing with toy soldiers, we are possibly the best club in York to try.

The club meets at Guppy's Enterprise Centre, 17 Nunnery Lane, York (just about opposite the Nunnery lane carpark exit) on Mondays for Wargames and Roleplaying and Thursdays for Roleplaying only.
The first Saturday of the month is also available for extended games.

Monday 19-00 - 23-30
Thursday 20-00 - 23-30
Saturday (first of month) 10-30 - 17-30

If you are interested please come along on a Monday or Thursday or click the link here for more details.

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